How To Be Happy When You Feel Stress After You Don’t Like Your Job

Pressure, toxic boss, stress? You have come to the right place. Takes action after reading this article will make you feel better on the job that you don’t like. 

  • Get someone to talk with

One of the greatest choice to adapt to the job that you don’t like is finding someone to talk with because it can help to relieve a lot of stress. When you don’t like your job, you will have some kind of emotional problems. Anger, depression, low self-esteem for instance. When those emotional problems aren’t being solved and still remain in your body, it will lead to stress and after that, it will affect your mental health. So just let it out, don’t let it stay in your body and make problems.

  • Relax

Relaxing is the most efficient way to keep your body and your mind calm. When you don’t like your job, just relax more because when you keep dealing with things you don’t want to do, it not gonna help you. It will just make you angry and then make you feel depressed and probably severe mental problems.  Just relax, make yourself feel calm and forget everything. Let the peaceful mind replace anger and anxiety.

  • Find a new job

It will never be a big deal to do what you like and ignore what you don’t like, so just find a new job that matches your passion. If you work on a job that is not what you like to do, just stop it. It is not a good choice to do the job that pays you a lot of money but doesn’t allow you to spend time with family or doesn’t allow you to follow your heart. Close your ears and open your heart, do the job that you like don’t let the shadow of the job that you don’t like block your freedom.  Find a job that you wish to do and you will archive the true happiness.




In round three, we learn a lot about python and coding, even we only have a little time for our multimedia class. Our teacher name Cindy introduces this coding language to us at the beginning of the round and when I heard coding I kind of nervous and excited because I never experience it before and I don’t really know about it a lot. However, I feel very fit with the assignment that Cindy gave us on Code academy. I start up with string, integer, Boolean, Float and others. Later we know some of it and we start to learn about If elif else statement, While loop, For loop, Break and continue statement. That is all we learn and overall it been a great round for us.   

Our Khmer poem book

Poem is known as one of the main roles in Khmer literature. However, there are not many book and sources about some poem about to be forgot. So our students came up with an idea to collect information and make a book about poem. The book is consist of threes main point which included general knowledge, types of poem and poem written by our junior students. The book is written in Khmer because we want to promote our literacy and it a little hard to write our khmer poem in English. The book is edited with the adobe software call indesign. Hopefully we will publish our first version of the book in June.  

Where I am from?

I am from a pile of sand from a fishing hook  and a big mountain of junks.

I am from the wooden ,broken  scary and dirty roof.

I am from the sour, sweet, and golden fruit trees.  

The mango trees whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I’m from freedom  and wisdom from my family that always love me.

I’m from the idea of sharing  and learning and helping.

I’m from family of scholars  and the history along with the song my mom played.

I’m from the hard work my family paid.

I’m from the heart of Cambodia and the golden land of peace .

In heart, I remembered.




In round three, one of our interesting topics is Carbon. We got to learn a lot about carbon and we did an experiment at the end of the round which called the black snake experiment and here is the report that  I wrote for my teacher.

The photo below is copy from AMAZING SCIENCE. 


Self observation after the experiment.







20 grams of sugar

5 grams of baking soda



Aluminum paper and bowl



Cover the bowl with aluminum paper to protect the bowl

Put the sand into the bowl (close to full)

Measure the sugar and baking soda

Mix the sugar and baking soda in the baker

After that put alcohol gently into the sand

Put the mix ingredient in the middle of the sand and put fire on it.

What I see ( My observation):

When the fire touch the sand the sugar and the baking soda started to turn black and from a big pieces of  carbon ash. The carbon ash appears slowly from small to big and it become longer and longer. The smell of the burning is similar to people burning paper. When the sand is dry we can add more alcohol and it will continue to burn. After time pass, the long pieces of carbon ash with turn a little white and letter became a little golden. After it burn for ten minute it will start to stop burning and we can see the long pieces of carbon ash that seemed like a black banana.

Thank you

One family, we improve together

At the end of each round we all need to take a test in math which we always call the celebration of knowledge to cheer our self.

There is no different from last round; 60 of us take the test but before the test start everyone is working very hard to practice their math and discuss on different lesson to get a good grade. Some people working in group, some people working in pair while some working by them self. For me, I am really happy to see all of my friend learning in the same speed and improve together as the whole group. Not so surprise that the average score is 13.74/14 which is the best average score ever in our junior math class.

One family, we learn together and we help each other and we change together.


Social work

My exploration in round 3 is Cambodia indigenous people and our mission statement is to promote indigenous group and people. We have been working very hard with two communities in Cambodia. One of them is Stieng in Kratie and another one is Kui in Preah Vihear Province. In order to promote the minority group we need to come up with two product which are book and videos. We decided to split into 2 groups and one working with Stieng to make a videos that contain 8 themes and my theme is economy of Steing people. For me it is a new Challenge because I never make any of a video before so I am willing to take that risk. After 7 week I got a good video of my theme and Please look at it.

Thank you!


Plastic in Cambodia

Plastic is very dangerous and many plastic are appears in our healthy community. 8 billion ton of plastics are travel everywhere in this planet and it will continue to stay about 1000 more years. During that time, what do you think will get affected by the hazard plastic?

  • Fish
  • Marine life
  • Sea Bird
  • Ocean
  • Human
  • Planet                                                               

As we are part of this world what should we do?




Up cycle


DO like me: Use less plastic as much as possible, use the reusable bag, use a reusable water bottle and promote recycle product.



My literacy work





                  Government  Must Financially Support Business Startup


                                         Authored by: Songkrea Oueng


                                        Submitted to : Facilitator Hannah Trivitt

                                                 Liger Leadership Academy

                                   Submission Date :

Although, money is very limited to all nations; financially supporting business startups must be one of the priorities to the government of each country because it benefits individual income and general growth of the economy for each country, provides more employment opportunities and reduces the uses of natural resources in communities. The Statista,  reported that, “There are 20 countries in the world having the greatest decrease of gross domestic product” (in text citation). One of them is the Republic of Congo, they depended mostly on minerals including diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt, cassiterite and oil in the past. Meanwhile, DR Congo has become one of the poorest countries in the world due to the extinction of those precious resources. This happens because they depend on natural treasures more than businesses which turned their economy upside down, provided less employment opportunities and took  a lot of goods from our planet. Therefore, more business will return good results such as financial income of each nation, job opportunities, and preservation of natural resources.


Business start up aiding will benefit individual income and the growth of a country’s economy. A well known economic website, Investopedia, explains specifically that economics of each country grows when the Gross Domestic Product of the nation increases. GDP only rises when the total value of products or service produced in a country boosts. That means it does  not include investments from foreign countries. In order for productions to grow, different sectors from any parts of each country must do something. This simply means a lot of people in each nation must make money. Starting a business is not a piece of cake. Andreas Rivera, staff writer from Businessnewsdaily points out ten needs to start a business: “ideation, plan, finances, legal business structures, registration with government and IRS, purchase an insurance policy, team building, choosing a vendor, brand and importantly the growth of the business” (in text citation). One of the needs that people who start up a business struggle the most is financial problems. CNBC reported that, “90 percent of entrepreneurs fall during starting up new business and one of the main reason is financial assessment, business rarely makes money during their first three years and most of them run out of budget before the reaching the approach point”. This statistic shows clearly that it can cause a major problem to the backbone of a country. However, if governments put more effort into this problem the situation will change rapidly. United Kingdom is one of the high ranked countries because  the economy started to take action in supporting business startup. The British Bank provides the fund loan up to 25,000 euro for adults that have a reasonable business idea (british-business-bank). A program supported by USAID called Youth Innovate Cambodia held in Cambodia provides up to 3,500 US dollars for a business plan and startup idea that fits with their agreement. (Geeksincambodia) Because all of these initiatives, the number of profitable business becomes 40% in 2016. (Smallbiztrends) The average GDP in 2014 is 10 880 USD and 17 300 USD in 2017 per capita. (The Statista) It is clearly shown that business start ups are truly beneficial to individual income and the growth of each country economy.


Not only money, but businesses also provide employment opportunities as well. The Guardian, a newspaper from United Kingdom,  shows that 205 million people in 2010 living without a job which is a lot. Truly, a lot of businesses open up more employment opportunities. To prove this, Apple employed 14,800 employees in 2005 but they employ 132 000 employees in 2018. (The Statista) This amount of opportunity increase because the company going very well. As we know to have a successful business entrepreneur need a dozen helps. Financial is the main one that forces more than 50% of business startup to fail. (CNBC) The government of each nation must put a closer attention to provide employment opportunities.


Forty  years ago, our economies depended mostly on natural resources which took a lot of the treasure from its mother. (United Nations) That is not very sustainable because it can run out of resources one day. However, business start-up seemed to pop up and solve the problem. A lot of entrepreneur coming up with a new idea to solve the problem. Colonel Sanders came up with a creative idea for the guests that wait to fill the petrol. He makes chicken fried that people can enjoy while they are waiting. That startup continues going until his logo spread around the world. (Snagajob)This shows that startups are  very helpful that is very worth for the government to support business start-up financially to guide the way for all entrepreneurs.


Bringing together such a wide range of research is truly proof that startup business is very significant and consequential. The economy of a country grow when each people make more income so it means that more business will return more benefit to each person individually and the whole country as well. More business will open up more opportunity to all human begin to have a better life. It also helps to reduce the poverty rate in our healthy community as well. The last advantage of a startup is to stop the culture of using natural resources to make money and this help a lot to make a friendly ecosystem. This touchy essay hopes that all governments can consider supporting all entrepreneur to make they start up wealthy.   





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Khmer class

In khmer class we mostly learn a lot about language, culture, tradition and history of Cambodia. As this season have a lot of Khmer ceremony, our Khmer facilitator asked us to do some research on Water festival which is a traditional ceremony in Cambodia.


Water festival happen from a long time ago story.


During 12nd century, King 7 and his army were fighting with Champasak on the Tonle sap river. War on the water is not easy so the king divide the troop into 3 main parts and stay on 3 different type of boats. The first type called Sarouch which the main army use to fight with enemy. The second type named Comnouy which mean AID that used to help when the main army need more troop. The last boat called Basak that use to keep food and water for the army. When Cambodia win the war, people around the country respect the boat and believe that it help us to win the war. From that time, Boat are being use a lot to help people in many sector. King 7 also organize an event for people to race the boat to find winner. That event still continue until now that is the water festival.